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Investments & Growth

At GFP, continuous development and leadership is the key part of our philosophy. Our developmental journey started in 2008 when we developed a new ecological-friendly flexible packaging product that was presented for the first time at the “PACKAGE 2008” exhibition in Greece.

Our BioGeo products became established in the Greek packaging market and formed one of the core products that we produce and distribute to the market. But that’s not all we wanted; with the establishment of the Research and Development Department, that’s managed by both local and foreign experts, GFP aims to play a prominent role outside the national borders as well. Being a company that is already exporting to America, Russia, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Australia, it’s only a matter of time and commitment before we become a leader in the flexographic industry.

A part of our developmental achievement is the blending of modern polyethylene materials which was made possible by the collaboration with experienced chemical engineers and highly trusted laboratory tests. As it is with many of our investments and growth strategies, this achievement helps us to increase our film’s mechanical strength and achieve an optimum result, and eventually enable us to produce cost-effective packaging products for our customers.

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