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At GFP, sustainability means a lot to us. We recognize how vital a sustainable environment is, to the quality of life. And that’s why we are committed to producing flexible packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly. As a forward thinking company and one of the leaders in the flexographic industry, we do not only commit to providing our customers with unique flexible packaging solutions but also dedicated to doing so responsibly.

As one of our core values, Georgiou Flexible packaging has taken the oath of sustainability and rank it high in our priority list. This means every aspect of our business models is focused on sustaining both human and environmental health. We ensure the sustainability of the product we produce and the process we create them by way of water and energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction and proper treatment of all by-products and chemicals.

In our efforts to stay true to our commitment to sustainability, we utilize advanced, environmentally friendly technologies to innovate and develop sustainable packaging products. We are also collaborating with our suppliers and customers, engaging our employees and empowering the community where we operate to make sure our environmental health sustainability goals are achieved.

In specific, we employ the following policies to promote sustainability:

Solvent-Free Structures

Whenever possible, GFP uses solvent-free technology and techniques to produce high-performance flexible packaging solutions. This means compared to the conventional laminated structure we reduce material usage by a significant percentage.

Down-gauged Structures

Our cutting-edge technology and extensive research enable us to create high-performance structures that achieve optimum performance benefits with less material usage. Our unique manufacturing techniques allow us to replace complex structures with fewer layers and less resin.

Recyclable Structures

Our products can all be recycled in the corresponding waste stream. We reuse pallet and shop towel whenever possible thus eliminate disposal of rags, pallet and paper towels.

Cross-Functional Steering Team

Our commitment to sustainability spurs us to form a dynamic sustainability team that comprises our highly experienced operators, sales and marketing representative, technicians and executive leaders.

The responsibilities of this team are to:

  • Review and recommend new industry sustainability developments and technologies.
  • Benchmark our sustainability progress and compliance
  • Provide consulting and guidance to customers on the products and services we offer.
  • Relate with customers and communicate their expectations as a means of initiating compliance plans.
  • Develop and champion all “Sustainability” initiatives and ensure that they are being implemented in all internal operations and manufacturing processes.