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GFP was created with the sole aim of offering flexible packaging products of high quality. In the period of 50 years, we have succeeded in gaining the confidence of our customers, thanks to our specialized technical facilities, experienced personnel, and the quality and performance of our products as well as our excellent customer relations.
Our philosophy is centered on total customer satisfaction since we understand how important a satisfied customer is to the development of any packaging products company. At GFP, our focus is on offering integrated flexible packaging solutions to our customers.

Priority in Values

Our emphasis on quality products and services can never be compromised, and we understand the role of consistency and service variety in achieving this long-term goal. From the beginning  to date, GFP’s philosophy has been centered on harmonized combinations of values. We focus not only on quality, growth and hi-tech but also combine them with excellent service, advantageous packaging solutions and respect for our employees, partners and customers.


We are continuously enhancing our technical processes, acquire the latest technologies utilizing new advanced materials.
We keep providing our customers with flexible packaging products that are high-quality, competitive and advanced.


Ιn our effort to dominate the packaging industry, οver the years, we have grown from a small family business to a national company that serves people from every continent of the world.


Ecological proposals respecting the environment according to the European Standard EN 13432. We, therefore, produce bio-degradable and compostable products that contribute to dealing with socio-ecological problems while protecting the environment and public health all over their lifecycle.