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Flexible Food Packaging

Our food film and packaging solutions help keep the flavor and freshness of foods at their peak. We produce food flexible packaging for the microwavable, dairy, frozen, meat, fresh food, and bakery markets. In addition, our production facilities are ISO and HACCP certified.


Maintain the freshness of your frozen product with our top quality films and bags. Our flexible packaging solutions for your frozen products is one that gives frozen products a special edge in its market.

Fresh Foods

Keep packaged fresh foods fresher for a longer period of time with our high-quality films.


Dry Foods

For dry food packaging solutions, we have developed a high moisture barrier flexible packages that are perfect for cereal bags and box liners, dry mixes, crackers and many more.

Meat – Fish

We have high-quality, flexible packages that offer the protection
needed for processed meat, poultry & fish food.


We offer a full line of films and bags with a wide range of white and transparent background for a variety of pre-packaged baked products.

Pet Food

The furriest member of the family can always enjoy fresh food with our wide range of high-quality bags and films.


We have a full line of snacks flexible packaging products for key product areas such as popcorn, chips, and pretzels to snack bars, fruit snacks, and other savory and sweet snacks.

Sauces, Dressings & Condiments

Whether you are looking for a more unique package for sauces or dressings, our team of experts will work with you to create distinct and efficient packaging.


We offer a wide variety of packaging solutions for all confectionary products. Whether you need a film for your candy or plastic or paper bags for your gums and other treats, our team will be there for you.


We have a full line of dairy packaging for institutional and retail needs. Our dairy flexible packaging product line covers cottage cheese, sour cream, cultured-yogurt, dips and frozen treats like sherbet and ice cream. You don’t need to worry about efficient packaging for your dairy products; our creative and innovative packaging solutions are there for you.


Our production line covers all the needs about Coffee Packaging printing your business identity and combining  ISO & HACCP certifications protecting quality of your product.

Ice Cream

If you have frozen and sensitive production like ice cream, we have the best solution of packaging including all the progress for delivering perfect products!

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