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Social Responsibility


GFP is committed to conducting its business in a socially, environmentally and ethically responsible way. Our social objective is to contribute to the positive development of the places where our products are used. We also take a special interest in the communities where we operate.
At GFP, our initiatives are based on our core values of sustainability, competence, innovation, and closeness to our customers. Our approach to social responsibility entails continuous and close monitoring of how our operations affect the society we serve and the planet as a whole.

Οur effort to develop and improve our corporate social responsibility performance is continuous. Hence, we have established the following policies, values, and guidelines to support us our daily operations.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

  • Environmental responsibility
    • Compliance with VOC’s emission limits (according to the relevant European Legislation 1999/13/EC)
    • Waste management by our certified partners
  • Health and safety in workplace
  • Providing of personal protective equipment
  • Monitoring of the personnel’s medical history by the occupational doctor
  • Full transparency in the relationships with our business environment
  • Financial support for the personnel’s healthcare
  • Strict compliance with the Greek Labor Legislation
  • Respect for Human Rights
    • Absence of racial discrimination
    • Absence of forced labor
    • Zero tolerance to our personnel’s harassment
  • Suppliers’ and partners’ relationships characterized by Moral integrity
    • Zero tolerance to corruption

The company provides outstanding service through teamwork, sustainability, competence and innovation which is reflected to our customers & results.


Continuous and close monitoring of how our operations affect the society we serve and the planet as a whole.


We acknowledge and assume responsibility to support and respect the protection of human rights & nature.

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